We Are a Wholesale Manufacturer

We are a wholesale manufacturer that provides trolleys and parts directly to distributors and large organizations. We can provide you with a complete trolley assembly, sub-assemblies, or single parts at the best possible pricing.


Order With Confidence

We are a fully insured company. Our products come with a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.


New Designs and Reverse Engineering

We can work with you to help create a solution for your specific application.





What Makes Our Trolleys Better

The V-Rail Systems trolley is the best value in the industry. Our heavy duty, reinforced design is compatible with most overhead v-rail systems. Our manufacturing process includes a four level quality control process to ensure all parts and assemblies meet specifications.


New Versus Used Trolleys

Time is money and safety comes first. In most cases our trolleys are less expensive than purchasing used ones from a retailer or attempting to repair severely worn ones. Repairing of trolleys is sometimes possible, but if not done correctly you leave yourself and your business open to potential accidents.


Our nylon components are reinforced with Teflon. This additive make the molded nylon stronger, last longer, and yield without breaking. The yoke assembly eye bolt nuts are welded for superior holding power. Our metal components are nickel plated for high durability in even the most humid environments.


Still Not Convinced?

We are confident that you will prefer the V-Rail Systems trolley. Contact us today to receive a free sample while supplies last.







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